Monday, July 20, 2015

Colorado Politics

I went to a townhall last weekend at which the featured speaker was Steve House, Chairman of the Colorado GOP. Many interesting tidbits emerged.

Anyone who watches the political game here has an idea that Sen Bennett is is some reelective trouble. How much? I hear you ask. Enough that if the election were held today and the Republicans had a candidate who could refrain from coming out in favor of squashing baby ducks with a hammer, he would lose. Not to say the Republicans couldn't find such a candidate, they certainly have in the past but it would require a bit more effort than they usually expend. It's also possible that Sen Bennett could top off a stump speech by walking across City Park Lake without dampening anything but the soles of his shoes. Until a leading candidate emerges, let's put the odds of picking up that seat at say 51%.

About spending tax monies: Colorados state budget is running about 25 Billion dollars. Yes, billion. But piffle. You probably know, but are not terribly aware that there are other taxing entities below the state level. County, Municipal, funding districts, etc. etc. The aggregate take for these otherwise invisible tax collectors runs $50 Billion/year or about twice what the state gets. For this you get the lawns mowed in the city parks, maybe a municipal golf course, bronze statuary, a new city hall, a squad of fully stealthy police cars, schools kept open and maybe some potholes filled.

Don't like that? Consider running for city council or one of the boards who get to spend the money. It isn't easy or cheap and once you become a candidate you quickly find out that the others looking for that seat have the mindset of first graders playing "king of the castle" in the school sandbox. The incumbents tend to be Democrats whose passion in life is to micromanage other peoples lives.

Go to the Secretary of State website. Go to voter registration. Fill in your information and behold: In my case I'm in 20 different districts, each of which has its own panjandrums with authority to spend my money. Feel free to run for a position on any of these agencies and if you win, you can spend your tenure offering resolutions to disband the agency and give its budget back to the taxpayers. Or just vote against spending any money.

I was also informed that there are currently in excess of 400 declared candidates for the presidency. Most of these will not make the ballot of course, Feel free to write me in for whatever opening you think needs the help. If elected president, I promise to show I can reach across the aisle by re opening FDR's old camps and populating them with any Democrat who has served more than one term in office without learning that Socialism Does Not Work.

Have a happy election year.

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