Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gun for Sale

Machiavelli observed that while it is wonderful to be both feared and loved, if one had to choose only one, it would be better to be feared. Well, here you are, the baddest potato cannon on the block, and probably for several miles around.
This baby was built to chunk pumpkins, and does so with great enthusiasm. Powered by compressed air, the compressor is a 35 CFM unit driven by a 39 hp Kubota diesel. The 15 cu ft tank fills to 85 psi in just a couple of minutes, and the hand made quick-acting valve snaps open at the push of a button to lob your projectile up to 1/2 mile through the 10 inch dia PVC barrel.

When squash are out of season, 12 lb bowling balls fly the same distance. The barrel shown here was damaged, but the gun includes a 2-piece, heavy duty replacement totaling 26 ft. The components are mounted on a 2-axle car carrier trailer, and all are bolted on, no welding was done on the trailer.

The complete unit weighs 3500 lbs, and the trailer does not have brakes, so be sure to use an appropriate tow vehicle.

Built by the Denver Mad Scientists Club, who, by the way, need a web page person, interest has waned, and storage may soon become an issue. For $1500 this cutting edge technology can be yours.

Complete advert is here. Along with contact info.

Update: New advert addy with better pics, possibly movies as well.

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