Thursday, March 25, 2021

Not As Bad As It Sounds?

 Fake news hack Dan Blather is suggesting that it might not be a bad idea to elevate gun ownership from a constitutional right to a government granted privilege. He proposes that since driving a car on the public roads is usually predicated by obtaining a government license involving at least some training, insurance, and the car must be fitted with about 1200 lbs of safety equipment, that gun ownership should follow the same track. While I could argue that whatever training the average driver gets seems to be of rather limited benefit, let's run with that one.

How about extending this logic to the rest of the Bill of Rights? Should we allow just anyone, for example, to vote? Or hold elective office? Right now we extend the franchise to the ethereally(1) and metabolically(2) challenged without much question, and this seems to me to be a bit over expansive, at the risk of being accused of endorsing voter suppression. 

How about a voter licensing test and certification? You shouldn't be allowed to be involved in selecting those who would govern the rest of us unless you have demonstrated at least some minimal knowledge of how the system is supposed to work, and perhaps the rudiments of competing economic systems. 

What about the candidates? No one who thinks the federal government should be allowed to micromanage everyone's life down to the individual level should be allowed to hold federal office. Or any other office for that matter. Candidates should demonstrate some knowledge of the limitations of their chosen office in addition to their perceived powers. Demonstrating some knowledge of economics wouldn't hurt either.

(1) They don't exist

(2) Dead

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