Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Industrial Scale Vote Fraud?

 I got this through a newsletter, and here's a link to the original article. This describes the crime of sovereign fraud, or fraud committed by the government itself with respect to vote fraud.  A quick search turned up the original article at American Thinker.

The article describes a meeting of professional fraud detectives who feel that little further investigation is necessary since enough real evidence has been collected to get all the convictions one could ask for. The elephant in the room is the courts near universal refusal to go forward which looks suspiciously like they might be involved or at least have an interest in the outcome.

RTWT, it's well worth a little of your time.

This falls in line with Scott Adams observation that if a crime can be committed, and if the payoff is large and the risk of getting caught is small, then said crime WILL be committed. 100% chance.

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