Monday, March 15, 2021

Springtime In The Rockies

 I got a (measured) 15" of global warming here in Littleton which I removed in stages. My blower turned out to have a loose drive belt and no provision for adjustment. It's good to have a well equipped shop in the garage. Here's how it started on Saturday:

Here the snow is falling horizontally at 20-25 mph. The drive has been cleared at least once. 

Sunday we get blue skies and only 2 or 3 extra inches left to clear. Also 43 deg today so there's a good deal of melting starting. 

The distinctive lines of a '34 Dusenberg Landau ElGreaseian. Couldn't quite get the running boards in though. 
Official total at the airport, which is in another time zone from me, is 27". Mother nature is slipping. Usually a storm like this waits until all the trees have leaves, and the fruit trees have blossomed.

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