Monday, March 8, 2021

Suspect Statistics?

 Cali AG Beccara is accused of with holding firearm-related data from U. C. Davis who had the job of sorting through the data to "prove" that Cali's Red Flag laws actually had any effect on the gun death rates there. 

But this brings up a bigger point: what are Becerra and his DOJ hiding? What is it they don't what the UCFC – and the public, for that matter – to know?

The only logical conclusion is that the data would be a massive blow to the gun control agenda. California is constantly looked at as one of the leaders of "curbing gun violence." Any time members of Congress contemplate implementing stricter anti-Second Amendment laws, states like California, Illinois and New York, are frequently brought up. If red flag laws aren't working in the Golden State, that means they would be considered a failure in other states across the nation.

So I sacrificed a black chicken to Baron Samdi at a crossroads at midnight on Friday the 13th asking that he prevent any deadly rampage of pink elephants through the Denver downtown 16th st. mall, and what do you know, since then no rampaging pink elephants have threatened the mall! See? It works! 

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