Sunday, March 4, 2012

Health Care Debate

In a textbook socialist society, all other organizations are subservient to the government. In China, for example, the government appoints bishops and archbishops. In the U.S. it will be necessary for certain religions to amend their doctrine to conform to the latest government positions.

To that end, the administration is taking the position that the Catholic church really wants women to die without health care in the form of contraception. They publish phoney "permission slips" that they assure us the Republicans will allow Catholic employers to issue to enforce church doctrine over non-Catholics:

Cute. Just imagine what would happen if your boss turned out to be a Christian Scientist.

H/T to business Insider for this one. Read the whole article.


Robin said...

They can't come up with arguments for the actual controversy, so they lie about what the controversy is about.


Billll said...

The proper response to an ad hominium or other such attack is to graciously accept your opponent's admission of defeat.