Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Postal Match

It's not yet official, but in the aftermath of the very back-to-basics match hosted by Traction Control,

some enthusiasm has popped up to repeat that match and this time specialize in pistol-caliber carbines. General consensus is that this target should be shot at 20 yards, standing, unsupported.

So far, the classes are with or without magnification, and the assumption is that all guns will be center fire, which leaves out the .22 LR AR conversions.

Details are still being hashed out with one faction rooting for a Hi Point match, and another bucking for any C-F carbine. Either way I'm in.

Update: It's on at True Blue Sams. Any P.C. (!) Carbine, so if you have an Uzi or a Tommy gun, go for it. Anyone scoring less than 50 points will be relegated to the "full auto" division so they won't feel so bad about their large groups.

Note to liberals: Shooting in this match is P.C. so go ahead.

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