Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gun Fun: IDPA

Never let it be said we don't know how to have fun around here. Here's a shot of stage 1 of the club IDPA shoot we held yesterday:
Note the number of tires necessary to hold the walls in place. The wind was blowing 10-20 mph and the temperature at start time was in the high 20's. It got up into the high 30's by the end of the festivities, but the wind never let up.

Note to self: Preparation before the R.O. asks "Shooter Ready" includes changing glasses so I can see both front sights and targets. This improves the accuracy no end.

Unpaid endorsement: Craftsman (R) mechanics gloves are excellent shooting gloves with leather palms and elastic backs, and are reasonably warm. They were designed for careful, accurate tool manipulation, which is pretty much what you're doing at the range.


Miguel said...

Be advised: you get a procedural for calling the SO an RO. Repeat violations will get you a FTDR.

Happy Shooting from a fellow IDPA member!

Billll said...

Normally I just call him "Fuzzy". You suppose that accounts for my low scores?