Monday, November 21, 2011

Supercommittee 3

Can I call these things or what? I just wish calling the stock market or football games was this easy.

When you're the junior member of a committee, you show up late, avoid yawning at all the incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo going on around you, defer your questioning time to the senior members, and vote present. Still photos make you look distinguished and you can have your people put any caption at all under them.Link

Being a senior member is similar, but you defer to the members who actually did their homework, and vote the way they did.

When you're president, and the peasants are becoming restless, you conspicuously appoint a study committee and go golfing. If you think you actually want something done, you appoint a committee with an odd number of members in which your side has the one vote majority. If you are afraid that any outcome at all will not look good for you, you balance the committee, and blame the resultant gridlock on the opposition.

The problem here is that the problem doesn't get solved, and the peasants can see quite clearly what's going on.

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