Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November E-Postal Match

So I went out to the range and standing an near absolute calm and warm temperatures, I shot a target that should have everybody who ever wanted to humiliate Billll in the current e-postal match running to the nearest range to shoot one of their own.

Or maybe not. I've noticed that when my scores are sub-my-standard, for some reason no one else does all that good either. Usually.

People around here will have a chance to shoot this this weekend. Guess which day my club is having an outdoor defensive pistol match with a side match for shotgun and another for carbines?
If you guess any day when the projected temperature is above 60 and the wind is not blowing, you lose!


TrueBlueSam said...

The Mrs and the Son both shot it with me, and you beat all of us! I hope we get some more entries.

Billll said...

Told a friend about this match, and after some thought he said he had a PCC. He went digging for it and found a Hi Point 995 but failed to find the magazine for it so he passed on the shooting.

I'm guessing he doesn't normally take it out much.

TrueBlueSam said...

He's missing out on some fun times. I read an old article in Shooting Times about pistol carbines, and the .45s were increasing the muzzle velocity 100 to 200 fps, depending on the ammo manufacturer. I loaded up a bunch of 200 gr SWCs with a nice load of Blue Dot, and they CRACK coming out of the Hi-Point, so they are going somewhere better than 1100 FPS. I think it will be great on skunks, coyotes, and other unwanted varmints that stray into our homesite. The more I shoot this gun, the better I like it!

Billll said...

I reload with Hodgdon Titegroup. Hodgdon recommends 5.4 to 5.9 grains for the 155 gr .40 S&W bullets I use, and tells you to expect 1058 to 1136 fps respectively. At 5.4 gr, I got 1400 fps. At 5.0 gr, I get 1300 which is where I'm currently loading. The supersonic crack is quite noticeable.
Disclaimer: I got some lapping bullets and fired a course of them through my gun. The inside of the barrel is noticeably shinier and I picked up 50 fps across the board.

I seem to remember that some Cor-Bon 9mm defensive ammo off the shelf delivered 1700 fps from a 995. If you reload, using a slower powder will probably pay big dividends.

Billll said...

Got my lapping bullets from Dave Tubbs at Superior Shooting Systems.

TrueBlueSam said...

Thanks for the info! I chose Blue Dot to utilize the long burn in the
carbine barrel. I really need to buy a chronograph, but in the meantime
I will be taking a few shots at 100 yards to see how the trajectory is.
And I want to lap my barrel!