Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Squirrel Gun

Squirrel trap, to be more correct, even if the parts came off my squirrel gun.
Progress report; Got 2 more the next day and two more the day after. Didn't see one all weekend. This thing is like a black hole for squirrels.

Here it is Tuesday, and 2 new ones have shown up. I don't expect them to be here long. If I was into that Foxfire stuff, I could have a squirrel coat by winter.

It could always be worse. Over the weekend we discovered that the fellow behind the man across the street from me has 2 adult and six baby skunks living under his backyard shed,
and the folks down the block have a family of four foxes under their front deck.
Wifey-poo said something about a coon on the back porch. Can the lions and bears be far behind?


DirtCrashr said...

Foxes I wouldn't mind (except for the rabies) as much as skunks, coons are just noisy bastards. People (dumbasses) often say that it is because we have invaded "their" natural habitat -- but around here we are providing a huge salad-bar and free buffet to a host of critters who never lived in such dense proximity before. Now we have crows - for twenty years we didn't have one damn crow to be seen, and now there are hundreds - they just moved-in. I hate crows.

Billll said...

If you feed them, they will come.
Something dug up one of the 2 I had to bury and carried it off.
It was a week to trash day and temps in the upper 90s. The freezer was off limits.

Anonymous said...

I'll try it. 4 inch, peanut butter; 5 gallon bucket

you are what you eat exactly why I did not want to throw any indeed urban squirrels into the crock pot