Thursday, March 19, 2020

Winter Sucks

So the 2.5" that was predicted 2 days ago has grown a bit.

I now have 7" on my car and more now predicted overnight. It's the heavy wet stuff and I had to hand shovel a path down the drive before I could run the blower (4.5hp!) down it and then I could only take about a 3" cut on each pass.

You can tell it's global warming because if this had been the usual fluffy stuff, it would have been 2 ft deep.


Sailorcurt said...

I don't think I can post a picture or I would, but where I live, it's 70 degrees right now and the high today is supposed to be 84.

Go global warming go!

Billll said...

Around here Spring is when the weather varies from one day to the next from 25 degrees and snow to 72 degrees and sunny, followed by more snow.

Keeps you on your toes.

Don't put the snow blower away until April. Late April.