Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Virus Update 2 - Private Effort

I'm fighting off fever with 2 4oz doses of tonic water per day. Today there was no tonic water on the shelves, so I bought DIET tonic water. Think about that for a bit. I'm surprised it wasn't dehydrated diet tonic water.

I'm sure our government, on both sides of the U.S. Iron Curtain, are doing their level best to address the virus problem. That not much seems to be getting done, and at a snails pace confirms to me that the government is on this problem at full force. If they were to try any harder, I don't doubt that everything would come to a complete halt and any relief we got would be the result of our own efforts including those expended avoiding arrest for doing something without the proper permissions.

Scott Adams asked if a ventilator could be ginned up that used the efforts of the younger, healthier folks to run it instead of some external power. Visualize a teeter totter, with an office seat ball under one end, and a virus sufferer under the other, connected by a piece of 2 inch flex hose. Now visualize 2 kids going up and down alternately inflating and deflating the ball and the patient. See? Easy solution and minimal cost.

Imagine a set of these, and the adults offering an attractive prize to the team whose patient lives the longest (dies last). Boggles the mind and incentivizes the rest of us to take all possible precautions to avoid winding up under a teeter-totter. Be FDA compliant by putting an equal number of the afflicted on gurneys along side, but with no breathing assistance. Keep careful notes and find someone with a PhD of some sort to act as the author of the ensuing paper to include a grant application to reproduce this study on a Caribbian island with a warmer climate and several cases of Corona on hand.

Further research is indicated.

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