Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Virus Update

A doctor in New York is reporting a 100% success rate using Hydroxychloroquine with a Zinc supplement without the antibiotic that's usually used. Pretty impressive results although his methodology doesn't quite meet the FDA standards in that no control group with placebos was included, thus no stack of dead bodies was included in the results.

Meantime, in the Ummah, imams are encouraging the kind of behavior that worked so well in the 1300's against the Black Plague.

In Iran the official line seems to have moved slightly from attributing the virus to the Jews (default) to attributing it to the Americans, and discouraging the population from accepting any help from Israel or the U.S. as it would probably be tainted with something. Also possible is that this discourages the peasants from noticing that some $1B in health measures aid, given to the Iranian government to help the Iranian people, seems to have miraculously vanished.

To conflate all this, I fully expect at least some Imams to begin preaching that the medication test, having been conducted by an Orthodox Jew, is of no value to Muslims and that no true Muslim would thus avail himself of the drugs which are a part of a Zionist plot.

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kahr40 said...

As for the Iranians, at least their leadership, it falls under "self correcting problem."I wish no ill will on anyone but you can't protect the stupid from their stupid.