Friday, February 17, 2017

Exercise In Brevity

Pols love to ramble on and on and on and........ Bills they write follow the same lead probably as they write the things some pesky staffer notices that sub paragraph (b) of section 20 would effectively legalize slavery or something, so some more qualifying statements need to be added:

254  notwithstanding any understanding that sexual relations with owls are NOT made mandatory by

255 any part of this bill, not that there's anything wrong with that, and

256 quit with the snide remarks about my nephew who would become Director of the agency

257 in charge of whatever this is.....

Or you can keep it short, succinct, and to the point:
If you were looking for an excuse to write to your congress critters this week, here it is. HR 861 in all its glory. It currently has 3 co-sponsors and has been referred to 3 committees. You can check on its progress here.

And no, abolishing the agency would NOT abolish all our environmental laws and rules along with it. Those would need to be addressed by the congress which had the sole authority to write them in the first place.

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