Monday, February 6, 2017

Bill To Hold Sanctuary Pols Responsible

A Colorado legislator has introduced a bill to the State House to make playing the sanctuary game illegal:
The Colorado bill creates the crime of “rendering assistance to an illegal alien through a sanctuary jurisdiction,” a Class 4 felony, and describes how victims can seek charges against public officials who have a hand in giving undocumented immigrants safe haven. It would also make it possible for victims to sue elected officials for personal injury and property damage committed by immigrants.
Sounds great and legislators from other states have taken notice and introduced similar legislation there.

Alas, this will never become law here by the usual route since the Donks hold the House and the Governorship here. The bill is expected to go directly to the "kill committee" never to be seen again. Well, maybe not never, as there is talk of introducing it in the Senate where the Reps have a slim majority, following which it will be sent to the House where it will be killed again.

Of course there is always the possibility that this sort of treatment will lead to the measure being put forward as a citizen initiative where I suspect it would fare better.Those of you in red states, feel free to pull up a copy and pass it on to your local representatives.

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