Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 e-postal match

Sponsored by Judge Andrew Napolitano, this match challenges you to be the first to down a surveillance drone. The drone must be within U.S. territory when shot. Photograph the crash site and e-mail or fax thew photo to Judge Napolitano Deadline is Dec 31, 2012.

Class 1 = Shotgun.Any sights, any load.
Class 2 = Rimfire handgun. Any sights. If it's that small light and close, it won't matter.
Class 3 = Rimfire rifle. Any sights. See above.
Class 4 = Center fire rifle with Iron sights. Red dot will be counted as iron.
Class 5 = Center fire rifle with magnification
Class 6 = Shoulder-launched rocket
Class 7 = Other. If you have a working laser, rail gun or what-have you, this is your class.

Points are awarded by weight, 1 point per pound. Don't pass up the PETA drone because it only weighs a pound or two, remember a Predator might be heavy, but it's harder to bag.

Note also that they can shoot back.

Or you could just stick with the easy ones..

UPDATE: O.K. forget the judge, just send your entries here, in the comments.

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Cincinnatus said...

OK, this is funny.