Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shooting Down Drones

An animal rights group has their panties in a knot over their photo drone getting shot down when they tried to take video of a pigeon shoot. According to witnesses it took one shot from a small-caliber gun to bring the machine down.

Really people, just think how fast it would have hit the dirt had the shooters had a chance to practice a bit:

H/T to Smallest Minority, who has this video in larger format.

Update: Added link to photo drone story.


Robin said...

I think PETA is lying about the drone being "shot down", the damage looks like ordinary damage suffered by a prop striking something. No evidence of any actual gunshot damage that I saw.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show how much respect gun owners have for the property rights of others.

Billll said...

So if I put a video surveillance device in your house, you promise not to remove or damage it?

Anonymous said...

You believe that putting a surveillance device in a house is the same as flying an RC helicopter over a road?

Do you reserve the right to shoot anything that's in the airspace over your property? Or, as in this case, a highway adjacent to your property?

No wonder Republicans are know as "The Stupid Party" -- by Republicans!

According to the story, law enforcement officers and an attorney for the property owner investigated the matter, and determined that what the animal rights group (SHARK, not PETA) was doing was perfectly legal.

But then, since an insane-Hollywood-screenwriter-turned-New-York-author-who-despised-flyover-country preached that it's OK to destroy other people's property (cf "The Fountainhead"), I guess gun owners can justify shooting anything that doesn't belong to them -- as long as it belongs to liberals, and not some corporation.