Friday, September 20, 2013

Colorado Recalls

I must be the last person to hear about this but is seems the presence of video cameras at the polling places actually did have the effect of suppressing the vote, at least in Sen Morses district. This was discussed on local radio a few days ago where it was observed that numbers of young would-be voters approached the polling places, noted the presence of video cameras, and suddenly decided that they probably weren't going to move to the Springs after all.

OFA in Boulder, some 120 miles away had promised to bus in several hundred volunteers, and the local college promised to be well represented.

No word of a Revealing Politics presence in Giron's district however, so her complaints of vote suppression were the result of her reading from Sen Morses script.

This makes getting the new Vote Fraud Entrenchment Act of 2013 either repealed or greatly amended that much more urgent.

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