Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gun Sales

The FBI NICS check numbers are now out for 2011 and it looks like another banner year.
Noting of course that a NICS check does not correspond to a gun sale as some people are refused, some states require a new one every year for gun owners, some states require one every year for CCW holders, and some states (my own state of Colorado, for example) don't use NICS for background checks. Still, that's 16,454,951 checks for 2011.

Ammoland is reporting that some 10,800,000 guns were sold or transferred although they admit this number may be conservative. The report link compares this to the sizes of several foreign armies complete with "Don't f*** with us" lines.

Frankly I doubt that all those guns are being purchased in anticipation of the commie hoards storming over the horizon, but rather for locally produced barbarians in light of budget cuts at police departments.


Brad K. said...

I notice my small Oklahoma town is turning off many street lights, to save on utility bills.

I understood, years ago, when the discussion of street light came up in another city, that there is an inverse relationship - the more lights, the less crime.

So if the police are being assigned bicycles, or shorter shifts, and the lights are being turned down, that would count as a double whammy.


Billll said...

Robert Heinlein once described the limits of municipal governance in Kansas City in 1099 as "Keeping the schools open, the roads paved, and seeing to it that no one gets killed north of a certain street."

I suppose that back then if you wanted to carry a pistol in your pocket or handbag, it was O.K. if you were visibly above a certain economic status.