Friday, December 9, 2011

Gun News

Gallup is reporting that 47% of American households now posses a gun of one sort or another, up from 41% only a year ago. The Brady bunch attributes this to marketing, but somehow I don't remember being blasted with ads for guns on the TV and radio, even the conservative talk shows.

I attribute this to the large number of people who get their financial advice from UBS as mentioned below. I am surprised to see they have such widespread influence, who knew?


Brad K. said...

The rise in statistics could also be an artifact of government databases and NICS. The guns in 6% of households might just have been picked up by the feds, 'cause some had a gun or ammo purchase, or they used it in applying for a license to carry concealed.

I worry that that number, 47%, could also be stated, "The government knows about guns that they might confiscate in 47% of households." South Africa is one recent example of how it works. In the mean time, the Feds keep building their databases and lists of gun owners.

Billll said...

As I understand it, this was a Gallup telephone poll, and the government was not involved.

The real factor here is this: If Nosey Survey Company calls you and asks if you have any guns in the house, do you tell them?

DanG said...

It could also be the result of the practice of having Doctors ask their patients if there are guns in their homes. I fail to see what that has to do with their job.