Sunday, September 18, 2011

Too Much Money?

The columnless columnist, Kate Morrison, in a column in the Denver Pest today confesses to an urge to commit an act of vandalism. Interestingly, I'm inclined to volunteer to help her out on this.

What set the creative juices to flowing was one of those catchy ads by the Denver Water Board encouraging folks to trim their water use. These run to a billboard, for example, with only half the board covered, with the logo "Use only what you need" on the printed half. Very clever.

The ad in question featured two benches, one full-sized, and one much smaller with the messages "What you use" on the big one, and "What you need" on the little one. Kate thinks this is a great metaphor for incomes in this country, with most people making way more than they really need. Her version is "This is how much money you make" on the big one, and "This is how much money you need" on the little one.

I think the idea is nearly perfect. All it lacks is the arrogant image of the president on the big one, and the circle-D logo of the DNC on the little one. The message is especially poignant as the benches in question are located in one of the more affluent areas of town. I'm sure the drivers of every Mercedes and Lexus that passes by would be nodding their heads in agreement and phoning in donations to the bus line that runs from El Paso to Denver, bringing in new voters to help the cause.

He knows how much you need, and trust him, it isn't very much.

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