Monday, February 1, 2021

Medical Advances - The Human Condition

 Seems the whole human race is going to hell in a handbag:

Zombie nation: Third of adults walking around in concussion-like daze due to stress, lack of sleep

The stress of the daily grind plus the stress of the Chinky Pox plus the economic uncertainty... It's just too much. But wait! Help is on the way!

Hi-tech brain implants the size of a salt grain could let people choose their own mood.

What used to be done with a couple of drinks is now done with a small chip that drives LED lights implanted into the brain. The lights stimulate the right parts of the brain, and out comes a better attitude. So in the future, when you see someone with a glint in their eyes, it may be artificially induced. 

Who knows, it may even help with night vision. 


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