Friday, February 5, 2021

Chase Bank Joins The Cancel Culture

 Fair Notice: I bank at Chase. I have no problem with their competence as bankers. They also serve as investment advisors, and as such I'm pretty happy with their results. BUT:

They now seem to find it expedient to get on the Cancel Culture bandwagon and become Crocodile Feeders in the hope, I guess, that they will get eaten last. It's a valid fear as banks are regulated heavily by politicians, and the lefties now have complete control over the process. We also know that they aren't shy about sending their enemies to Siberia, either real or figurative, for not showing sufficient enthusiasm for the current Dear Leader or any of the party policies. Still it would be nice to see corporate America at least make a token objection to the practice by pointing out that, in this case at least, they are bankers, and their job is to hold, handle, and move money for their clients to the benefit of said clients, and not to ride the clients hobby horse. 

That Client A might wish to eliminate client B is understood, but the bank should not take a side in this unless, say, client B also wishes to destroy the bank.

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