Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bike to Work

Posting has been light lately on account of the new job. The new job is fun, fast-paced, and close by. So close, in fact, that it's possible for me to get there on my bicycle. This, alone, is worth $140/month over the last job against driving the truck, or half that in the summer, versus riding the motorcycle. It's a nice ride, about half on a trail, and the other half busting stop signs and red lights like Lance Armstrong on crack.

The health benefits are good, too. I'm told that a bit of regular exercise improves ones thinking processes, and will reduce the recovery time one spends in the hospital after being run down by an irate car driver after busting a stop sign or red light.

Forget the red light part. In Littleton, the lights are so screwed up that it's worth it to take a slightly longer route rather then get stuck waiting for the things to eventually change, so my route no longer includes any light-controlled intersections.

I ride a recumbent, so avoiding traffic is probably a good idea anyway.


The Cyclists said...

Welcome to the Collective.

Billll said...

When do I get my decoder ring?

The Cyclists said...

As "the intermediate stage between humans and pure energy," no decoder ring is necessary. All you require is your bicycle, your shiny helmet, your durex shorts, and the tarmac surface paid for by billions of dollars of road tax.

Jeff Stevenson said...

Hi. Please join the Bicycle to Work! LinkedIn networking group. Members pledge that they will try to ride their bicycle to work or on an errand at least once a week. Although the benefits should be obvious, let me outline them here.

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If everyone would agree to ride their bikes to work one day per week we could cut oil consumption by as much as 10-15%. No one would argue that riding a bike burns more calories than driving the car. Although popular politically right now, most bio-fuels consume more energy than they produce. We would be much better to eat those bio-crops then use our own energy to transport us around.

So spread the word. Make it a movement! Bicycle to work one day a week and do your part to cut back obesity and the overuse of oil and precious cropland.

Just go to my profile at and you can click on the group to be included. While you are there, don't forget to ask to link to my network of more than 9,000,000 like-minded professionals. I accept all invitations and look forward to meeting you.