Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Will It Run? 3

I got the left hand switch set today and hooked it up. It sort of looks like it won't work completely until I've cleaned  it out as the switches feel like they've been lubricated in tar. Nevertheless, I get spark, fuel pump working, and starter function so I'd say I'm pretty close to hearing it run. If only the tiny battery was a bit bigger.

Top to bottom: H-L beam, Turn, Horn. Horn does not work yet.

Top to bottom: Run-Stop, Fuel tank on/reserve, Starter

Bloody damn cold in the garage too. The passing polar vortex left 3" of snow (officially) and got the temps down right next to freezing. Currently in the mid 40's and projected to stay there until Friday when we'll see 70's. Springtime in the Rockies.
The right turn signal switch gets me flashing on the right front and left rear. The left hand switch gets me a plaintive buzzing noise from the general area of the signal relay. I'm not seeing this as a big problem. The headlight still doesn't work under any circumstance. I need to soak both switches in some sort of solvent, then lube them with conductive silicone oil.

The fuel pump comes on with the key and there is now an odor of gasoline in the garage so it's going somewhere. A squirt of ether got me a couple of pops but no sustained running so there may be petrified fuel in the carbs although I was assured that the bike ran last year.


John said...

EVERY project bike I've ever gotten "ran last year"! Also, "only needs a little carb work" and a battery. Sounds like you're getting there though.Good luck!

Randy said...

The rear turn signals typically plug in to the harness in the same spot so it's easy to accidentally get the connections swapped there. That will not fix the buzzing but would fix at least one little thing. Good luck.

Billll said...

Randy, you're right. I got the wires straightened out and now the right signal works, the left lights up without flashing, and the cancellation button doesn't cancel. Probably need a new relay, but later.

The schematic describes the colors of the wires which are correct all the way to the signal lamps all of which have the same color wires. Oh well.