Thursday, January 5, 2017

Boulder CO To Become A Sanctuary City

Poking a finger in Trump's eye, Boulder has voted to become a sanctuary city where illegal aliens from anywhere in the world can squat without fear of reprisals except that...

The only big problem with this gesture of magnanimity is that Boulder, both city and county, is rapidly turning into Colorado's next gated political districts. The median cost of a house in Boulder county is currently $475,800 according to Zillow, and the going cost for an average domicile in the city of Boulder is $1,067,213. So come ye huddled masses yearning to be free and don't forget that the suitcases you drag along with you had better be stuffed with US $100 bills. The average illegal alien living in boulder, city or county is more likely to be a fugitive drug lord than someone working in the lawn care industry.

Broomfield city and county, which broke away from Boulder county a few years ago, is now to be officially known as the Servant's Quarters.

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