Thursday, October 31, 2013

Recall Too - Part 6 Disinformation

9 News reports that the recall effort against Evie Hudak is going well enough that the Hudak people have taken to hanging fliers on doors warning people that those soliciting signatures might be identity thieves, or sex offenders as the minimum wage temps hired for the job haven't all had background checks run on them.
The hangers say the people out collecting the 18,000 signatures necessary to set a recall are potential criminals; some are even possible sex offenders.

This is especially amusing after watching Evie come down solidly on the side of the sex offenders during the Senate hearings on one of the gun bills passed early this year. Joe Salazar was also there protecting rapists, but somehow missed the recall wagon.

Watch the video at the second link. I was sitting 2 rows behind the young lady testifying when this happened. Every jaw in the room hit the floor.

The first link is an annoying auto start, complete with commercials.

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