Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gun Fun - IDPA Qualifier

I shoot six shots in time of peace,
I shoot six shots in time of war.
I shoot six shots till I'm at slide lock,
Then I swap my mag and then I shoot six more.

To the "tune" of Colorado's unofficial state song.


Anonymous said...

If it takes only six shots until your slide locks back, you might want a different gun.

Heck, even in Colorado you're graciously allowed to shoot 15-rounds before slide lock.

Billll said...

The round count refers to the stage setup which requires that the gun be loaded to 6 rounds so that a reload is forced at that point. One of todays stages required that the gun be loaded to 3 rounds only to force an early reload.

Qualifier matches have standard stages with standard setup and are used as a calibration standard for basic skills. In a regular match you are normally allowed 11 rounds in your first mag and 10 in each of the other 2 to keep things even. Guns that hold less than this like 1911's or revolvers compete in categories of similar guns and are generally loaded to capacity. In a qualifier, you are normally allowed to load to whatever your gun will hold unless otherwise specified.

The strings that inspired the poetry allowed loading to whatever you want but required a reload after 6 rounds. Other strings required loading to 6 or 3 rounds only to force a slide lock reload.