Friday, November 29, 2013

New York Gun Law

We are told that everyone there likes it so we should like it too. Except for a few hicks in upstate.

Did you ever wonder what exactly constituted "upstate" New York? Just a few counties bordering Canada, right:
This map is from Scope a pro-gun organization in N.Y. What passed here is legislation or resolutions opposing the S.A.F.E. Act which is now being used to confiscate dangerous assault weapons like the bolt-action Marlin 25N .22 rifle. NOTE: Albany county, the green one at the upper right, has also passed a protest and is now red.

The results mirror those in other states in which a large metropolitan area gets to impose it's views on the rest of the state. Here's a screen cap of the letter in case someone denies that wholesale gun confiscation is beginning anywhere:
Note that the only reason they can do this is because the gun owners registered their guns first.

Update: Well I waited a good long time before posting, but it may not have been long enough. Via ColoradoRKBA:
The Letterhead is fake. Its nothing close to what we use as the City or with NYPD.

So, I called our good colleagues at the Rifle & Shotgun Section. They are well aware of the *****storm this caused all over the web.

This letter was sent to ONE person...for reasons involving his specific permit. He then changed it a bit to make it look like something it wasn't, and posted it online. 
This from someone on Glock Forum who claims to be a Sgt on the NYPD.Still, a good hoax needs to be at least partially based in reality. Given that this takes place in NY, the plausibility is certainly there. Still, I wonder what the letter was originally about.

Further down on that page is a copy of NYPD policy regarding the SAFE act which says pretty much the same thing.

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Brad K. said...

Oh, drat. Here I thought I understood why the Rossi Circuit Judge has a five (5) round magazine; to satisfy the NY crowd.

I guess I will have to keep wondering why the five (5) cylinders, and not six (6) or more. *sigh*